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This design shows Warriors shouldn't be counted out as potential new name

Football Team

When it was announced that the Washington Football Team would be retiring its former nickname and beginning the search for a new moniker in July, numerous suggestions came to the forefront.

Among them was the Washington Warriors, a name that many believed was a solid fit because of its similarities to the former brand of the team. As of late, however, the Warriors support had seemed to take a backseat to the likes of the Red Wolves, which has dominated social media.

That hasn't really been the case, and a new design shows that the Warriors movement is still alive and well. Instagram user "soy.gonzo" recently unveiled a new Warriors concept that features a logo, helmet and uniform design that is rather smooth.

Looking at the logo itself, it appears to take aspects of Washington's current brand under the Washington Football Team moniker. The block W in gold is sleek and simple and works well with the burgundy background.

As for the helmet, it's another basic design that doesn't do too much, but that's not a bad thing. It also is similar to an old helmet design Washington used to display, so it checks off the box on tying in the history of the franchise.

Finishing with the uniform, the burgundy and gold work well with one another, and the design on the shoulder pads is a new look for Washington that adds some innovation into the look of the jersey. Like this concept in general, it adds a slightly new touch while also not straying too far away from the past.


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Clearly, there is a faction of the fanbase that still has an interest in the Warriors and strong ideas on how to display the brand. Yet, don't expect a decision on a name to come any time soon. As team president Jason Wright said, this is something they aren't going to mess up.