Did the Chiefs show Washington a blueprint to beat the Ravens?


There's a formula to beat the Ravens that Kansas City executed on Monday night - build a lead and make Baltimore play catch up.

If that sounds overly simple, that's because it is. And oh yeah Kansas City boasts the best player in the NFL in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

So, sure, the Chiefs showed how to beat the Ravens on Monday night in the 34-20 thrashing, but few teams have a quarterback capable of completing 74 percent of their passes for four touchdowns, no interceptions and a 133.5 rating. 

By early in the second quarter KC held a 13-3 lead over the Ravens, and before halftime that lead stretched to 27-10. 

Baltimore's game is to run the ball early and often with the electric Lamar Jackson and a host of running backs. In turn that run game opens up the pass game, but when their defense is getting torched through the air, the Ravens can't stick to that plan. 

While Jackson ran for an impressive 83 yards, he simply wasn't accurate enough to keep pace in the arm race.

Jackson finished the game with 97 yards passing; Mahomes had 260 at halftime. 

Looking ahead to next weekend when Washington faces Baltimore, it's hard to extrapolate much from the Chiefs success.

If Washington can trade for Mahomes this week maybe that could change, otherwise asking Dwayne Haskins to replicate that level of offensive firepower is just silly.

Haskins is coming off a four-turnover performance in Cleveland, probably the worst of his short NFL career. He could be due to bounce back with a better performance, but it would be a damn near impossible task for Haskins to deliver a similar performance to the defending Super Bowl MVP on Monday night. 


In Baltimore's two most recent losses - Monday to the Chiefs and back in January in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Titans - the Ravens got down to early deficits and Jackson could not lead his offense on a comeback. 

If Washington can build an early lead against Baltimore then maybe that formula can be duplicated. Don't hold your breath.