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Did Tom Brady forget what down it was in crucial moment vs. Bears?

Football Team

In the final moments of the Thursday night matchup between the Tampa Buccaneers and Chicago Bears, an incomplete pass from Tom Brady on fourth-and-6 sealed a 20-19 victory for the Bears.

Everyone on the field -- and watching on television -- knew that the incomplete pass meant a turnover on downs. Everyone except Brady.

As the camera panned to the veteran quarterback, it appeared that he thought it was only third down and that he had one more chance to get his team into field goal range in the final minute.

It was a rather uncommon moment from one of the best passers of all-time. For him to be unaware of the game situation is something that is rarely, if ever, seen. Of course, being that it was Brady, the internet immediately went into a frenzy.

Overall, it was a frustrating night for Brady. The Bears' front seven wreaked havoc on Tampa Bay's offensive line, leaving the quarterback to take numerous hits and have little time to make plays down the field. Throughout the contest, he was seen on the sidelines voicing that anger.

While there's no guarantee that the outcome would change if Brady was fully aware of the down, it's certainly reasonable to think he would have not taken as deep of a shot since he only needed five yards to continue to drive.

Either way, it's a decision and a moment that will have many talking for days. It's not too often there's a chance to dissect a mistake from Brady.