When it comes to optimistic overreactions, Washington Football fans might as well be Michael Jordan. The best.

Washington has a huge, passionate fan base that's been starved for good news and good football for more than 20 years. So when something good happens, a segment of the fan-base gets too excited. 

Remember, especially in a year like 2020, sports are fun. It's okay to enjoy them. And when a team has had a 2020 like Washington, and then rattles off 27 unanswered points to beat a division rival, it's definitely okay to enjoy it. 

After the comeback win on Sunday over Philadelphia, however, there are some real signs of hope for Washington fans. Not just overcooked optimism. Let's examine:

  1. 'As advertised' - That's how Ryan Kerrigan described rookie Chase Young, but it's an apt description for the whole defensive line. Certainly the WFT hipster crowd can be dismissive of the Eagles offensive line, which was missing three starters, but still Washington's defensive front showed up and dominated. Eight sacks is beyond legit. Arizona and Kyler Murray will present a new challenge next week, but going into Week 1, the book on Washington was the pass rush would be their strength. Well, that proved accurate. 
  2. Rivera's impact - For more than nine months Ron Rivera has talked about changing the team culture. "We're never going to quit," Rivera said last week, and seemingly every week since January. Well, he proved it on Sunday. Washington got down 17-0 and looked like the game was finished. They were awful in the first quarter, but Rivera kept the young group centered and focused. Plenty of Washington teams in the past have quit. It's been obvious. Last year this team got boatraced at home by an awful Jets team. In 2018, Washington trailed the Giants by 40 at home. That's quitting. That never happened on Sunday, and bit by bit, Washington fought back. "One thing that I tried to focus on is that we’ve gone through a lot and things have been tough, but they stuck together, they didn’t point any fingers, they didn’t blame anybody, they just kept hammering away," Rivera said after the Eagles win. "I’m not sure who played that first quarter for us in burgundy, but I like what they did in the second – third and fourth quarters. The guys responded very well and stuck to the game plan." In the last 20 years, "the guys" haven't really responded. Sunday they did. Ron deserves major credit. 
  3. Adjustments? Adjustments - Washington played awful early against Philadelphia, but after about 20 minutes of game action, the Burgundy and Gold turned things around. Ron Rivera credited his coordinators for that, and the numbers support it. Eagles QB Carson Wentz had 182 yards passing with two touchdowns and a 100.9 rating in the first half, but only gained 88 yards through the air in the second half. "We're all rusty at this because we haven’t had the opportunity to work on it and Jack would probably tell you early on he was a little bit rusty too. But man, he got into a rhythm, our guys got into a rhythm and I thought they called a heck of a football game," Rivera said of defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. Rivera was even more blunt about offensive coordinator Scott Turner after his team fell to an early 17-0 deficit: "I was telling the guys we don’t have a 17-point play, so we just got to play one at a time. I told that to the coordinators, I told that to Scotty. Low and behold, next thing we get the turnover and things are rolling." 

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Got things rolling? 27 unanswered and the first win over the Eagles in three years - yes, got things rolling. 

Don't go crazy Washington fans. But it's okay to be happy.