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Dontrelle Inman says Haskins should 'keep shooting' despite struggles

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Part of what makes some of the great athletes so special is that even through adversity, they never waiver in their confidence and gameplan. If LeBron James has a bad shooting night, he's not going to come out the next game and be hesitant. He's going to continue to attack because he knows how good he is.

Washington wide receiver Dontrelle Inman believes that's exactly what his quarterback -- Dwayne Haskins -- needs to do. Despite Haskins' poor performance in a Week 3 loss to the Browns that included three interceptions and a lost fumble, the pass catcher wants to see the quarterback continue to drop back and let it rip.

“Keep throwing. Just like you tell great shooters. Keep shooting," Inman, who caught two touchdowns on Sunday, said on Washington Postgame Live. "Don’t lose any confidence."

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The 2020 season has not been what Haskins or others have hoped for so far out of the quarterback, as slow starts in the first two games followed by a turnover-filled performance in Week 3 have shown that there is a lot of work to be done.

That type of performance, as well as the criticism that comes with it, can take a toll on a young player. Inman understands that, and he wants Haskins to remember who he is. There's no reason to doubt his ability because it's what got him to be a first-round pick and a starting quarterback in the NFL.


"Continue to do what you do, you’re here for a reason," Inman said. "The tables will turn, just keep doing what you do that got you here.”

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Haskins wasn't alone in his struggles on Sunday, and so the team as a whole needs to now figure out a way to rebound and shake off the disheartening showing. Inman, a seven-year veteran, explained that it's all about taking the negative and turning it into a positive.

There are still 13 weeks of football left, and Week 3 is now in the past. All sights are now set on Week 4 and correcting errors of the past.

“Just move on. The only thing that matters is this week," Inman said. "We learn from it, gotta learn from it, can’t forget. Gotta learn from it and move on, and don’t make the same mistakes twice.” 

Through three games, it's clear that the growing pains in Washington are real. There is plenty for the team to improve on, and like Ron Rivera, Inman understands that it won't all happen before a matchup with the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday. 

Still, each day of practice and play gives players an opportunity to work on their craft and learn from what went wrong the last time out. With the raw talent on the roster, Inman believes that some simple fixes can create better results in the future.

“We have a long way to go, but we have what it takes to be a good team," Inman said. "We just gotta focus in, don’t make the little mistakes, everyone win their one-on-ones, and their individual battles and we’re going to be fine.”