Dwayne Haskins: 'I didn't feel like I was staring anybody down'


Dwayne Haskins played his worst game of the season on Sunday, tossing three interceptions and fumbling late in the game. 

At times it seemed Haskins was locking in on his receivers, tipping off Cleveland defenders about where the football was headed. 

The second-year quarterback said that wasn't the case. 

"I didn't feel like I was staring anybody down," Haskins said after the game. 


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On at least two of the interceptions, it's hard to argue that Haskins didn't telegraph where the ball was going before the throw, however, Haskins explained why that wasn't the case. 

"The first interception was a Cover 3 look with four verticals," Haskins said. "I thought I could get it over the backer, but he did a good job leveraging the route so he couldn't finish over the top and the safety made a great play on the ball. The second interception, that was just a curl route I should have just thrown the flat. I was trying to fit it into a window trying to get that third-and-10 back. And the third interception, I got hurried up and tried to throw it early and the linebacker undercut me."

Perhaps most importantly Haskins pointed to ways to fix the mistakes.


"It's just playing situational football and understanding when to take a sack or when to throw the ball down to the running back and not make plays worse."