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Haskins' agent defends QB after rumors WFT could move on

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The job status of Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been a topic of conversation this past week, after both NBC Sports Washington and NFL Network reported the team could move on from the passer if he delivered another bad outing against the Ravens.

Following Washington's 31-17 loss to Baltimore on Sunday, Haskins' agent David Mulugheta took to Twitter to defend his client.

"Amazing this is the narrative coming out of DC," Mulugheta said. "A young QB (10 starts total over 2 seasons) who is in a brand new system, with no off-season in said new system, a young OL, limited weapons on offense and only 3 games into the NFL season. Yet “he” is the one that must play well."

Haskins threw for a career-high 314 passing yards on Sunday in the loss. While the 23-year-old did not throw for any touchdowns, he did run for one, and also did not have any turnovers following a four-giveaway performance last week in Cleveland.

For much of the game, Haskins took what the Baltimore defense gave him, meaning a lot of check-downs and underneath throws. His longest pass of the day was a 40-yarder to running back Antonio Gibson, which all came after the catch on a screen pass.

After the game, Haskins said he thought he "did a good job today just taking what the defense gives me," but admitted he wasn't satisfied with his performance today.


Head coach Ron Rivera offered a different perspective on the performance of his second-year QB.

“I thought Dwayne had his moments," Rivera said. "There are still some things that, again, we’re still working through and we’re still developing and learning. There are some things that, obviously, I know he’s going to wish he had back once we get a chance to really break the tape down and look at it.

"He made some plays and he missed some plays," Rivera continued. "We’ll talk about situational awareness. We’ll talk about certain things that he’s got to continue to grow on and that he has to do. This is all a growing and learning process for him.”

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One moment that really stood out to Rivera was Haskins' decision on fourth-and-goal from the Baltimore 13 yard line. The quarterback threw underneath to Isaiah Wright on a play that never had a chance to result in the six-points Washington needed.

"[I’m] a little disappointed in the situational awareness," Rivera said. "It was fourth down and we were supposed to be in goal-to-go and I decided to go for it. I wanted to see what would happen, I really did. That’s why I told them: ‘Let’s go for it.’ Unfortunately, that’s a situational awareness that he’ll have to understand that ball has to be in a position to put it in the end zone."

Washington fell to Baltimore for a variety of reasons, with Haskins' so-so outing just one of the many. However, if the second-year quarterback hopes to prove he is the right guy to lead this franchise in the future, he has to play better.

"He’s going to have some growing pains, we know that," Rivera said. "But also, he has to know that he has to perform."