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Dwayne Haskins grateful for teammates' acceptance of his apology

Football Team

As Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins rejoined the team at practice on Wednesday, the second-year pro faced consequences for his violation of COVID-19 protocol while partying mask-less over the weekend.

It included a conversation with head coach Ron Rivera in which Haskins was informed he would no longer be a captain, as well as a $40,000 fine

Haskins also stood in front of his teammates and issued an apology. 

“It was hard, but when you mess up you have to be able to admit it and that’s what I had to do," Haskins said to the media on Wednesday.

Haskins said that the reaction from his peers was one filled with acceptance. There wasn't anger or resentment, but rather understanding and support that they would help him learn from the past.

“Very humbling, and I just appreciate them giving me a second chance and greeting me with opening arms and having leaders on this team still embrace me," Haskins said.

“Really just that they appreciated my honesty that I was man enough to speak up in front of the team and apologize," he continued. "A lot of the players, teammates, people I’m close with appreciate me being upfront with my mistakes."

Veteran Brandon Scherff echoed that feeling when sharing what he took away from Haskins' apology. He felt that the quarterback was genuine, and it's now the team's responsibility to accept that and move on to better times.


“He was wholehearted about his apology, he made a mistake and he owned up to it, and we’re moving on from here," Scherff said. "So that’s in the past and the only thing we’re worried about is the Panthers defense.” 

Haskins said trust is something he will have to earn back, and it won't come easy. He made a mistake that impacted not just him, but the entire team.

Though remorseful, he's also thankful that throughout his journey, he will have the support of those next to him in the locker room.

"They’re willing to work with me, still believe in me," he said. "Still have my back and that’s all I can ask for."