Haskins has no one to blame but himself for rocky end in DC


It takes a lot for a first-round pick to get released with two years left on his deal, but if anybody deserved it, it was Dwayne Haskins.

The 15th-overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Haskins disappointed for two seasons in Washington before things really came to a bad end in the last 10 days. 

Haskins’ maskless do-it-yourself stripper party was a black eye for the entire Washington organization. Head coach Ron Rivera fought off cancer earlier this season, and then his starting quarterback decided to celebrate a loss by breaking the NFL's COVID-19 protocols. There certainly were no masks, pictures on social media showed there were barely any clothes. 

After that, Rivera took the heat for Haskins. Instead of a deserved suspension, the coach only fined the young QB.


Because Rivera needed a good performance from Haskins. In turn, he got arguably the worst quarterbacking performance this organization has seen this decade.

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With the chance to clinch a postseason berth, Haskins was abysmal. At halftime he had thrown for just 36 yards and turned the ball over three times. 


Rivera eventually benched Haskins for a dude that was taking online college exams last month. Seriously.

Haskins, the first-rounder with the huge arm who threw for 50 touchdowns at Ohio State just three seasons ago, got benched for Taylor Heinicke, an undrafted free agent out of Old Dominion who was not even in the NFL last month. 

To make matters worse - Heinicke was significantly better than Haskins.

Once that happens - once Haskins can’t help on the field in addition to the immense distraction he created off the field - Rivera has no choice but to release him. 

Don’t forget Haskins began the 2020 season as starter, but subpar play and poor preparation sent him to the bench after a Week 4 loss to the Ravens. In fact, Washington coach Ron Rivera was so disappointed he dropped Haskins to third-string.

After his benching, Haskins suffered a mystery illness that caused him to miss about a week of practice and a game. He had his first COVID-19 violation in Week 6, and before the NFL trade deadline, his agent asked for a fresh start. 

Only injuries forced Haskins back into the lineup a few weeks back. There’s zero chance that a fully honest Rivera would say he ever wanted Haskins back on the field. 

His tenure has been a disaster. One long error. 

When Washington drafted him in 2019, Dwayne Haskins famously declared “the league done messed up.” Presumably this was because he slipped all the way to the 15th overall pick, behind two other quarterbacks.

After two seasons, 13 starts, 14 interceptions, two coronavirus violations and now one release, the truth is Haskins messed up. 

And now Washington no longer has to deal with his mess.