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Haskins nearly breaks down in press conference after 49ers win

Football Team

The year 2020 hasn't gone the way Dwayne Haskins imagined it would. Not even close, really.

But in Week 14, the benched first-rounder was asked to play for the first time since Week 4 because Alex Smith had some muscle tightness in his right calf that Washington didn't want to make worse, and he left the field a winner.

Haskins was by no means a star, and without a defense that was as locked in as its been all year, he would've been in trouble. However, he didn't commit any major mistakes, which was all the Football Team needed him to do.

And afterward, Haskins became very emotional when reflecting on not only his experience on Sunday, but also his experience over the past few months. It hasn't been easy for him. 

"I would say the biggest growth that I've had has just been as a person," Haskins told reporters in his press conference.

"This is the biggest amount of adversity I've faced since coming into the world," he continued, his voice breaking up. "I'm just glad that I'm able to be here right now."

"I'm thankful," Haskins concluded. "That's all I care about right now."

As he showed versus San Francisco, Haskins still has plenty to work on. For those hoping that he'd come out of his benching a completely new QB, he's simply not there yet.

However, there's no doubt that he cares about what he's doing and the desire to get through this stretch of his career is there. Sunday wasn't enormous in terms of Haskins' statistical output, but it just might prove to be when it comes to his place in the league.