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Dwayne Haskins next to Tom Brady in one QB ranking

Football Team

In any season before 2020, seeing a Washington quarterback ranked next to Tom Brady in a QB power rankings would mean that passer has been playing at an elite level. But this is 2020, where the world is a weird and confusing place.

So when NBC Sports Boston put Haskins just behind Brady in their Week 3 QB rankings, it wasn't as great as it sounds. 

Haskins sits at No. 22, putting him in the bottom half of the league. Brady is just ahead of him at No. 21, probably the lowest he's been in the quarterback tier in almost two decades.

Though it's strange to see these two names next to one another, the rankings actually do make sense. Through two weeks, both quarterbacks have been -- to put it in technical terms -- "meh."

Both have not wowed in the stat sheets, sitting in the 200-range of average passing yards per game. Brady has thrown more interceptions than Haskins (3-to-0) but also more touchdowns (3-to-2). That is largely due to the fact that the veteran takes more shots downfield than Haskins, who has yet to really let loose in the new offense.

Either way, both have had underwhelming starts to the season, and while Brady and Haskins are 1-1, the wins were largely provided by the defense and other parts of the offense. 

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For Buccaneers fans and Brady supporters, the No. 21 ranking may scare them. Typically, the longtime Patriot would sit comfortably in the Top 5, or at least the Top 10. He is on a new team with a brand new system, so there is reason to believe things get better.

As for Washington and Haskins, No. 22 isn't all that bad when one considers that a majority of the statistics have Haskins as one of the bottom passers in the league. He currently sits above Baker Mayfield, Philip Rivers, Kirk Cousins, Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones to name a few. Though, that is more due to the poor play of others than Haskins' success.

Brady has been the epitome of success at the quarterback position for about as long as Haskins has been alive. Being next to him typically would be an honor, especially for Haskins, who has a mural of Brady in his house.

At some point this season, the two being placed near one another could mean great things, as it would have in the past. But for now, it doesn't mean much in terms of improvement for the young quarterback.