Haskins on Breonna Taylor decision: 'We have to do better as a country'


Protests erupted in Louisville on Wednesday after a Kentucky grand jury brought no charges against any of the Louisville police officers for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor, a Black woman, was killed earlier this year when three Louisville police officers entered her apartment March 13 and engaged in gunfire with her boyfriend.

On Wednesday, the grand jury indicted one former officer on three charges of wanton endangerment with reckless gunfire spraying bullets into neighboring apartments, but no one was charged directly for causing Ms. Taylor’s death.

As the news swept the nation, members of the Washington Football Team reacted to the grand jury decision. 

"It's really disgusting," Dwayne Haskins said. 

The second-year quarterback took part in protests earlier this summer after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25 and has been vocal in his support for Black Lives Matter and other groups working to end police brutality. Taylor's death, along with Floyd's, became a touchstone in the protests that have swept the country.

"It's bigger than just sports or politics, it's about how you treat people," Haskins said. "We have to do better as a country and as people."

Washington head coach Ron Rivera also spoke out on behalf of Black Lives Matter earlier this summer and, asked about the Taylor ruling, Rivera pointed to the positive impact of her legacy. 

In the aftermath of her death, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced the Breonna Taylor Act, which will prohibit "no-knock" search warrants. That's the type of warrant used by the police officers that killed Taylor. 


Haskins said he wants to do everything he can to help the Taylor family and to raise awareness about the injustice that occurred, but that his job right now requires him to be in Washington. 

"We want to do the best we can as the Washington Football Team to bring change throughout the country," Haskins said. "To be killed and not have any justice be served is extremely disappointing. This is hard to deal with."