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Haskins for Darnold? Sports Junkies say 'In a heartbeat'

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Ever since Dwayne Haskins was demoted to third-string quarterback after four games, Washington fans and talking heads have pondering who the next franchise quarterback will be. 

Will they take someone high in the 2021 NFL Draft like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or Trey Lance, try to sign a free agent or swing a trade for someone to lead the offense? Or will Washington and Ron Rivera not quit on developing the second-year QB?

On Thursday morning, the Sports Junkies kicked around the idea of trading for a promising young player trapped on the winless Jets: Former third overall pick Sam Darnold. 

"What if [Washington] just swapped Haskins for Darnold?" Eric Bickel said. "Would you kick the tires on Darnold?"

Bickel was met with consensus approval by his co-hosts Jason Bishop, John Auville and JP Flaim. One of them said, "In a heartbeat." They were all ready to jump at the idea of trading Haskins for another young quarterback. Especially because this young quarterback plays for the Jets. 

"All of the guys that have escaped Adam Gase and then have gone on to flourish while he's not their coach, just for that alone [Darnold] is worth looking into," Auville said. 

This is true, a lot of players who struggled under Gase have gone on to star in different schemes. Ryan Tannehill was an afterthought in Miami and is now the franchise quarterback for the 5-1 Titans. Robby Anderson went from average wide receiver to one of the top deep threats in the league with Carolina. 


So if Darnold is set to follow in Tannehill and Anderson's footsteps, it might be worth it for any team to call the Jets about a trade, let alone Washington. But what's in it for the Jets?

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Sitting at 0-7, a Darnold trade would seemingly indicate the Jets' intention to take a quarterback in the first round and by shipping off their current starter, it'd give them the best chance at getting the No. 1 overall pick, as Bishop pointed out. 

"If [the Jets] did that, you guarantee yourself a winless year. The Jets probably go 0-16 or 1-15 with Darnold, but if you throw Haskins in there you're probably guaranteed that... "If you want Trevor [Lawrence], you throw the worse quarterback in there. But I don't know, I don't know why the Jets would do that."

Even if the assumption is the Jets want to go 0-16 and get the No. 1 pick, they'd probably still need more in return than just Haskins.

When the Cardinals traded away Josh Rosen, a former top-10 pick, after they selected Kyler Murray No. 1 overall, they got a second and fifth-round pick from the Dolphins. Depending on the competition, you'd have to believe the conversation would start somewhere around there. 

The question then becomes, "Should Washington give up Haskins and possibly a second-round pick for Darnold?" 

Would that be the best return the Jets could get for Darnold. Would Washington be willing to deal future draft picks for a quarterback they they don't know a lot about? It's hard to say, but that's probably why this is all hypothetical.