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Haskins sure seems happy to be active on a Sunday again

Football Team

Dwayne Haskins will be active against the Lions on Sunday, which will be the quarterback's first time dressing for a contest since Oct. 4. 

So, understandably, Haskins is excited about that, as he showed with this post to his Instagram story just a few hours before Washington's matchup with Detroit: 

With Alex Smith starting and Kyle Allen having just undergone ankle surgery, Haskins will be the backup passer for Ron Rivera. He was demoted to third string after four weeks of starting, and he hasn't put on a uniform for a game since.

The 23-year-old ought to be ready for action at any moment versus the Lions and beyond, which is something all successful backups keep in mind. It's not a role that Haskins is that used to and certainly isn't one that he likes, but it's the role he's being asked to do right now. That's something he can't take lightly.