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Haskins tweets ‘always bet on yourself’ after earning starting job

Football Team

Despite it being all but a formality, the announcement on Wednesday that Dwayne Haskins will be the starting quarterback for the Washington Football Team was a big moment for the second-year passer.

Proud of his accomplishment, Haskins took to Twitter following the news to express that the only person that needs to believe in you, is yourself.

That mentality from Haskins undoubtedly helped the quarterback get to where he is today, as his short professional journey so far has come with challenges. 

From the moment he entered the league as the No. 15 overall pick in 2019, expectations were high. That was to be expected for any passer with a first-round pedigree, but the questions about whether or not Haskins was the “right” choice popped up almost immediately. They only increased after an up and down rookie season, which was impacted heavily by the situation of the team.

Entering the offseason, faith in Haskins varied. Some wanted to see him get an opportunity to work in a system that was better suited for him, others wanted the team to consider other options. New head coach Ron Rivera even made it clear that the starting job didn’t belong to Haskins just yet. 

Yet even with the loud noise from the outside, the quarterback worked every day to improve for Year 2. Transforming his body and his game, he wanted to be that guy for the team, and now he is.


The road to being QB1 in Washington wasn’t as easy as it sometimes is for a first round selection, but that didn’t stop Haskins from getting there. A big moment for him, but now the pressure will continue to rise. He’s only achieved the first of many expectations in Washington.

If Haskins keeps the same attitude he’s held as he worked to become the clear starter, there’s a chance more success will follow.