The Eagles blew their chance to put on NFC East championship hats in Week 17, so now their goal is to keep the Washington Football Team from doing just that at Lincoln Financial Field.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said his team has adopted a "not hat rule" ahead of their matchup with a Washington Team hoping to clinch a playoff spot with a win. 

"We have a division opponent that's going to come and try to celebrate on our field," Schwartz told reporters Tuesday. "We've gotta have a no hat rule."

The Eagles are the only team in the NFC East eliminated from postseason play entering Week 17. After Washington lost to Carolina on Sunday, the Eagles had an opportunity to force a winner-take-all scenario on their home field in the final week of the season. 

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Unfortunately for them, they gave up over 500 yards and committed three turnovers to the Cowboys in a 37-17 loss. All a win in Week 17 would do for the Eagles is worsen their draft position and, as Schwartz said, prevent a division rival from celebrating on their field. 

Meanwhile, Washington will look to end their season the same way they started it. By beating an Eagles team with an injured offensive line, predictable schemes, suspect play-calling and a roster full of aging players on large contracts.


"We can't have opponents put on division [championship] hats on at the Linc," Schwartz said. "There's a lot of pride in that and all of our focus has to be on accomplishing that this week."