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Watch Marcus Spears dismiss all of our optimism about WFT

Football Team

In 2020, the Washington Football Team won the NFC East largely on the back of their stout defense. The club started four different quarterbacks in 2020, hardly a recipe for success.

On Monday, Washington addressed its QB issue by reportedly agreeing to terms with Ryan Fitzpatrick, a veteran who is expected to be an upgrade over Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke, the two other passers currently under contract.

Following the news of Fitzpatrick heading to Washington, ESPN personality Mike Greenberg made the claim that the Burgundy and Gold are the clear favorites to repeat as NFC East champions. (He's not the first person to be excited about the addition - certain members of the Washington Football Talk podcast are also very bullish about this addition.)

Greenberg's take didn't sit well with fellow ESPN analyst and former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Marcus Spears, however, who went on a rant Wednesday morning as to why he disagreed with his colleague.

"I don't care that you feel like the Washington Football team is going to win the NFC East," Spears said on Get Up. "I don't care about that. I care about all of the things that you are missing while you are getting so hype about the Washington Football Team."

Spears said he does think Fitzpatrick will be an upgrade for Washington's offense but doesn't think that the 38-year-old quarterback will make as big of a difference as Greenberg and others are making it out to be.


"I'm not talking about the Washington Football team with the vein that they are not going to be good, that Fitzpatrick is not going to upgrade the quarterback position," Spears said. "But where the hell is the quarterback position coming from? Did somebody play well for the Washington Football Team last year?"

To conclude his point, Spears reiterated that he does think Fitzpatrick will make Washington a better team. But, the player-turned-analyst is not ready to agree with Greenberg that Washington is the favorite to win the division once again, especially with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott returning from injury.

"They are going to be better. They are going to be a good football team. I believe that," Spears said. "But for you to get on here and talk about clearly the favorites in the NFC East, that is crazy. That's out of your mind."

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