Even with new extension, Logan Thomas is a steal for Washington


One day after Jonathan Allen agreed to an extension with the Washington Football Team, Logan Thomas did the same, as the useful tight end added three more years onto his pact with the franchise. And few hours after the news first broke, the numbers associated with the deal were released — and they look lovely for both sides.

The new part of the contract runs for three years and has a total value of $24 million (with a little more than $10 million of that guaranteed), according to reports from Nicki Jhabvala and Mike Garafolo.

But once you consider that Thomas will play 2020 on the original agreement that he signed with the franchise last year — one that'll pay him $2.3 million — then he's essentially tied to the franchise for the next four seasons at a shade under $27 million. From that perspective, Thomas remains a steal for Washington, assuming he remains a reliable piece of the offense.

That's not to say it's a poor spot for Thomas to be in, either. Far from it, really.

Twelve months ago, he was a pass catcher with 35 career receptions to his name. Now, he's much more secure than that, both financially and football-wise, even if 2021 doesn't go quite as well as 2020. As for the club, they've locked up a player who's one of the best at his position in the sport — a position that's growing in importance every campaign, by the way.


As for the overall impact of signing both Allen and Thomas just as training camp begins (Washington's first practice is on Wednesday), it may not be tangible, but it still could be significant.

Other members of the roster will undoubtedly take notice of two respected, productive veterans committing to Ron Rivera's group, as well as Ron Rivera committing to them. The vibes around the organization are positive right now as it embarks on an important season, and while there's plenty of time for that to change, it's an excellent way to kick things off.