"Be about it"

For everyone wondering why Smith hasn't retired, here's his reasoning

"Be about it"

People who aren't Alex Smith have long cited his family as a reason for him to retire and move onto a life after football.

How could Smith put his wife through more stress after all the support she's given him? Why wouldn't he just end his career now so he could spend more time being a father?

Well, during a Monday interview with the Washington Football Team's Julie Donaldson, Smith himself had a chance to delve into why he hasn't stopped fighting back from his November 2018 leg injury. And in his explanation, his family came up as a primary factor for why he's choosing to continue playing, as opposed to it serving as motivation for him to stop.

"For me, it's taking on that challenge," Smith said. "I don't think it's something I could walk away from and be able to sleep at night if I did. I don't think I could look my kids in the eye and talk to them about giving it their all and pushing through things."

"Was I going to talk about it or be about it?" he later added.

Smith acknowledged that he's had many conversations with others who remind him of the money he's already made as well as how his age doesn't exactly point to him having a lot of time in the league left.

Those conversations just don't really resonate with him yet.

"In the bigger aspect of life, I'm 36 years old," he told Donaldson. "I have the rest of my life in front of me. And selfishly, I'm even doing this for that, as crazy as that sounds. I know if I can go out there and play quarterback, I can do anything else in life."


Smith also discussed what he hopes ultimately happens at the end of his comeback, yet those discussions didn't reach too far toward the end of the story. Instead, he just wants to be able to "conquer" 11-on-11 drills and see if he and his body can thrive in those scenarios. 

That's surely short of his true goal, however, as evidenced by this perfect line he dropped in the interview.

"At some point, I'm going to find out what my limitations are," Smith said. "But I haven't found them yet."