Explaining Jonathan Allen's devastating, go-to hump move


After yet another game that Jonathan Allen influenced from the interior, Ron Rivera discussed why Washington's fifth-year lineman has reached a new level of performance. The coach's explanation included this ear-catching line.

"He's got a tremendous hump move," Rivera said of Allen.

A, uh, what now?

For those who aren't totally familiar, the hump move is a pass-rush tactic that the renowned Reggie White installed as a staple in his repertoire. A quick YouTube search pulls up this video of White executing it over and over again, and it's absolutely devastating.

Essentially, a defender pulls it off by initially attacking his opponent's outside leg. Once he gets the blocker's momentum going that way, the next step is to then break hard inside while getting underneath the foe's inside arm pit, which allows the aggressor to violently shrug his victim to the ground. From there, it's a race to the quarterback.

If that description isn't that helpful, again, just watch the footage of White. You'll get the gist rather quickly.

On Thursday, Allen was asked to open up about his hump move. He revealed that he started drilling it as soon as he became a pro.

"It's something that [ex-Washington defensive line coach] Jim [Tomsula] first taught me when I first got into the NFL," Allen told reporters. "He showed me countless hours of it working so I thought it was a great move, I thought it fit my play style and I've been blessed enough to have success with it."


Allen explained that he learned the basics of it rather easily, but mastering it like he has required "years" of refinement. One thing that helped him develop the skill is that it matches up with his preferred approach to football.

"It's a more powerful pass-rush move," Allen said. "That's kind of how I like to play."

Now, when Rivera was praising Allen's go-to on Monday, he actually brought up White's name.

"I don't want to compare it to Reggie White's, but it's still a pretty good hump move," Rivera said. "It gives him a chance to get vertical and get into the quarterback's lap and cause some problems."

That extreme praise was forwarded along to Allen during his media availability on Thursday. How much of an honor is that for him?

Conveniently enough, Allen batted the question away like he has so many guards and centers this season.

"I don't even want to get into comparisons," he said. "Reggie White is obviously in the top two pass rushers of all time. It's very flattering, but I have a long way to go before I'm even in that conversation. So, we'll save that for later."