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Fans are wondering how new Washington's jerseys will be in 2020

Football Team

Last month, when the Washington Football Team announced that it would go by that name for the 2020 season, mockups of their uniforms were also released. Those mockups were received quite well.

The updated helmet — which features a number on the side instead of the franchise's previous logo — was the obvious standout in the design. However, the jersey itself also looked different, as it had Washington written across the chest as opposed to the old name, plus no numbers or the typical white and gold striping on the shoulders.

Thanks to a post from Thursday, though, some fans are now wondering if that particular mockup will ever truly hit the field.

On his Instagram story, Dwayne Haskins shared this photo of Terry McLaurin donning Washington Football Team gear in what appears to a standard preseason shoot:

And here's a collection of responses to that image:

"Literally the same."

"Look like the same unis just got Washington on them lol."

"So, besides the name on the front, they’re the exact same?"

"So, the 'new' uniform is just a new helmet decal, and Washington on the front. Lol."

Those people aren't exactly wrong. Aside from the changed word on the front, everything else is awfully similar to what the team has been wearing for years.

Of course, if McLaurin was rocking the helmet in that picture as well, maybe that would make the entire ensemble feel far newer. So, perhaps it's best to reserve judgment until Week 1, when everything will be rolled out at once. 


Even so, there does seem to be a disconnect between what was originally publicized and what is actually coming.