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Fans had fun photo-shopping Allen Robinson to the Washington

Football Team

Washington football fans simply can't contain their excitement about their team. Following a comeback Week 1 win against the Eagles, they're hoping Washington can now take a swing on a disgruntled wide receiver. 

Allen Robinson is reportedly unhappy with his contract and is at odds with the Bears in trying to re-work his deal. The Chicago Tribune later reported that Robinson had asked about a possible trade. 

So we have an unhappy star wide receiver on a team that does not appear willing to pay him, and on the other side, you have a Washington Team in need of wide receiver help and have plenty of money to spend on an extension. 

Cue the fan-created photoshops of Robinson in a Washington uniform. 

Robinson, 27, would be a win-now move for Washington in a season most expected to be a rebuilding year. They'd likely have to give up draft assets and commit long term money to the receiver, a move typically designated for playoff teams on the brink of contention. 

But Washington's need for wide receivers is obvious. Second-year standout Terry McLaurin is their only established weapon on the outside and after cutting Adrian Peterson, Ron Rivera is relying on a lot of young players to make plays. 

Dwayne Haskins doesn't have a ton to work with in Year 2, and while the defensive line should keep games close all season long, giving Haskins enough offensive weapons could help him accelerate his development. 


All this speculation could be erased if the Bears ultimately decide to pay their No. 1 wideout, but what's the fun in that? It won't stop the photoshops from flying that's for sure.