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Fans or No Fans: What all 32 teams have planned ahead of Week 6

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While positive coronavirus tests from around the NFL has caused several schedule changes through six weeks, more fans from all over the country are starting to enter stadiums than at the beginning of the season. 

Though some teams have deemed it safe enough to have fans at a limited capacity, others will have no fans until their state allows them to do so later in the season -- and some for the entire year. Here's a comprehensive look at where each franchise stands today:

Teams with fans: 

  • Kansas City Chiefs

Capacity: 72,936

# of Fans Allowed: 16,046 (22% of capacity)

  • Miami Dolphins 

Capacity: 65,326

# of Fans Allowed: 13,000 (20%)

  • Indianapolis Colts

Capacity: 67,000

# of Fans Allowed: 12,500

The Colts went from allowing 2,500 fans at their Week 2 home opener to 7,500 in Week 3. The team is welcoming even more this week against the Bengals.

  • Arizona Cardinals

Capacity: 63,400

# of Fans Allowed: 750

*This small amount of fans was an increase from no fans allowed at their first two home games. 

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

Capacity: 67,164

# of Fans Allowed: 16,791 (25%)

  • Dallas Cowboys

Capacity: 80,000

# of Fans Allowed: 16,791 (25%)

  • Denver Broncos

Capacity: 76,125

# of Fans Allowed: 5,700

*Updated since fans attended Tampa Bay game in Week 3. 

  • Cleveland Browns

Capacity: 67,895

# of Fans Allowed: 12,000 

*The previous allotment of fans was 6,000.

  • Cincinnati Bengals 

Capacity: 65,515

# of Fans Allowed: 12,000 fans

*The Bengals announced on Oct. 6 that the team would welcome for the remainder of the season, starting with their next home game against Cleveland on Oct. 25.

  • Houston Texans

Capacity: 72,220

# of Fans Allowed: 13,300

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

Capacity: 68,400

# of Fans Allowed: 7,500

*After shutting their doors for the first part of the season, the Steelers will host 7,500 fans in their game against the Browns this week. 

  • Philadelphia Eagles

Capacity: 69,596

# of Fans Allowed: 7,500

*This is the first time Philadelphia will have fans at Lincoln Financial Field this week, allowing the same number of fans as their Pennsylvania neighbors. 

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  • Carolina Panthers

Capacity: 75,523

# of Fans Allowed: around 10,000 (7%)

*Fans were allowed to attend Carolina's big win over the Cardinals on Oct. 4.

  • New Orleans Saints

Capacity: 73,208

# of Fans Allowed: 750

*This small amount of family members were allowed to attend the Saints home game agains the Packers after a request asking to allow 25% capacity was denied. 

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Capacity: 65,890

# of Fans Allowed: around 16,000

*Fans weren't expected to enter the gates in Tampa Bay until this Sunday for Week 6's game against Green Bay, but the state's move to Stage 3 of its reopening plan allowed fans to come to Week 4's game agains the Chargers on Oct. 4. 

  • Tennessee Titans

Capacity: 69,143

# of Fans Allowed: 8,000 (12.5%)

*After not allowing fans inside the stadium for the first several weeks, Tennessee hosted approximately 8,000 fans for their game against the Bills.

Teams with no fans right now, but could welcome fans in the future: 

  • Baltimore Ravens

Capacity: 71,008

Length of having no fans: "At least the initial part" of the season - though Ravens president Dick Cass said allowing 250 immediate family members of the players, coaches and front offic personnel was an important first step. 

  • Buffalo Bills

Capacity: 71,608

Length of having no fans: First two home games, against the Jets (Sept. 13) and Rams (Sept. 27)

*No update has been given. 

  • New England Patriots

Capacity: 66,829

Length of having no fans: At least through September - two games, against Dolphins (Sept. 13) and Raiders (Sept. 27)

  • New York Giants & Jets

Capacity: 82,500

Length of having no fans: "Until further notice"

Los Angeles Chargers & Los Angeles Rams

Capacity: 72,240

Length of having no fans: "Until further notice"

  • Detroit Lions

Capacity: 65,000

Length of having no fans: Will be evaluated again after Oct. 4 game against the Saints.

*No update has been given.

  • Green Bay Packers

Capacity: 81,441

Length of having no fans: At least the first two home games, but could host 10,000-12,000 fans starting Nov. 1 against the Vikings

  • Minnesota Vikings

Capacity: 66,655

Length of having no fans: At least the first two home games against the Packers (Sept. 13) and Titans (Sept. 27)

  • Atlanta Falcons

Capacity: 71,000

Length of having no fans: At least the first two home games against the Seahawks (Sept. 13) and Bears (Sept. 27)

  • San Francisco 49ers

Capacity: 68,500

Length of having no fans: At least their home opener against the Cardinals on Sept. 13

*No update has been given on remaining home games

  • Seattle Seahawks

Capacity: 69,000

Length of having no fans: At least their first three homes games against the Patriots (Sept. 20), Cowboys (Sept. 27) and Vikings (Oct. 11)

*No update has been given on remaining home games

Teams that will not host fans at all this season: 

  • Washington Football Team

Capacity: 82,000

  • Las Vegas Raiders

Capacity: 65,000

  • Chicago Bears

Capacity: 61,500