FedEx Field stinks and everybody knows it. The team openly wants a new stadium, and ideally, a new location back in D.C.

Well, with new stadiums opening in multiple NFL cities, here comes another survey to prove how bad FedEx is. ESPN released their stadium rankings with venerable Lambeau Field taking the top spot. 

Lambeau is awesome; the Packers brass has preserved history while adding modern touches. 

FedEx Field is the opposite of Lambeau; no history and few cool modern touches either. From ESPN:

Name something to complain about, and FedExField has it, which is why it was universally panned among NFL Nation writers. The aesthetics of the stadium lack personality, the views of the field are poor and -- in some cases -- obstructed, the stadium is in a bad location east of Washington, D.C., and tough to get to and park at. Parking is expensive ($50 a car) and there's virtually no history at the stadium (only three playoff games and one playoff victory -- in 1999). And we haven't gotten to the downtrodden fan base, which has been beaten down by years of bad football and all of the above, turning from one of the most passionate and loyal to one of the most passive and defeated, contributing to a sullen atmosphere. But besides that, FedEx is fine.

Hard to argue. ESPN ranked some stadiums that also stink ahead of FedEx Field, like Jacksonville and Cincinnati, but debating what is the worst stadium in the NFL is a job for another day. 

The lease expires at FedEx Field in 2027, and for Washington fans, hope something better comes along. 

If fans are desperate for good news, maybe it's that they aren't allowed into FedEx this year? Sorry, hard to find a silver lining here.