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Former Eagles president: WAS fans will 'wish they had won quietly'

Football Team

Few fanbases had a better Sunday in Week 1 than the Washington Football Team's. 

After a miserable 3-13 season in 2019 and a turbulent offseason, Washington started the Ron Rivera era off with a bang by scoring 27 unanswered points in a win over the Eagles. 

As you'd expect, fans had plenty of fun basking in the glory of their 1-0 start and standing atop the division after all three of their rivals lost their season openers.

Their defensive line appears to be elite, Dwayne Haskins managed the game well with limited weapons on offense and if they continue to get production from their pass rush, they could make some noise this year. However, former Eagles president Joe Banner isn't exactly feeling the optimism in Washington. 

Perhaps Banner is mindful of the Eagles' weaknesses and shortcomings in the past and doesn't see them as a team fans should celebrate beating. Maybe he's letting a grudge against Washington cloud his judgment on an impressive win for an underdog team. 

Whichever way you slice it, let the fans get excited about their team, especially after going through the 2019 season and the several disappointing years prior to that. 

There's also probably not a fan alive who would wish their team "won quietly."