One of the Washington Football Team's biggest perceived weaknesses is at tight end.

With Jordan Reed officially off the roster and Vernon Davis retired, Washington's starter entering Week 1 is Logan Thomas, a relatively unproven commodity at tight end. 

While the former quarterback-turned-tight-end is relatively unproven at the position, he presents a ton of upside thanks to his athletic gifts. 

As former Washington tight end Logan Paulsen told the Sports Junkies Friday, he compares to some of the best to ever play the position. 

"Logan Thomas is a guy I've been excited about for a long time and it's been really interesting to watch his maturation," Paulsen said. "When I see him move I see a poor man's Greg Olsen. Now that is an extremely favorable comparison, I understand that, but I do think [Washington] is going to utilize him in a way he hasn't been utilized in his career thus far."

Comparing Thomas to Olsen would be a little overzealous considering Thomas has only played 40 games and caught 35 passes at his new position. Paulsen knows this though.

The point is if developed properly and utilized correctly, Thomas has the ability to be an incredibly productive tight end, which would unlock another facet of Washington's offense they probably didn't expect to have this offseason. 

"I'm super excited to see what he does and see how they use him and make sure they play to his strengths," Paulsen said. "He's not the best blocker, so let's not ask him to block a six-technique every down, let's move him around, let's put him in the slot, let's put him in the slot, let's get him favorable one-on-one matchups and see what he can do."


Thomas will have plenty of time and reps to polish off his skills at tight end. Washington isn't expected to be a playoff contender and their lack of moves at tight end since last season suggests they're willing to give their young players a shot to prove themselves. 

But if Thomas can catch on quickly and become a trusted target for quarterback Dwayne Haskins, Washington's offense could make some noise if it finds another player to take attention away from Terry McLaurin.