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Free Agent Focus: Washington must bring back Brandon Scherff

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With the offseason now here, there is plenty of work for the Washington Football Team to do. A lot of it could come in free agency, as the roster is in need of upgrades on both sides of the ball.

While much of the focus will be on a market of players who have succeeded on other teams around the league -- and rightfully so -- one of Washington's biggest priorities comes in a familiar face and name.

A major goal for the franchise revolves around not letting Brandon Scherff change uniforms in 2021. 

Why does Washington need to sign Brandon Scherff?

This section is rather obvious and maybe unneeded, but if anyone wants to be further sold on why Washington needs to keep Scherff around, here's a look at the many positives he brings.

To begin, Scherff is coming off arguably his best season in the NFL as a member of the First Team All-Pro list. Even though he’s going to enter his age-30 season, allowing him to depart when he very well could be peaking isn’t the best idea.

Not only was Scherff exceptional, as he has been throughout his first six seasons in the league, but he did it at a crucial spot on the field. Maybe guard isn't as eye-catching as left tackle can be, but Scherff was a major part of Washington's success this season.

He is a necessity when it comes to creating lanes and holes in the run game, and with Antonio Gibson showing promise in his rookie season, it would be really nice to have one of the best in the business leading the charge. As for the passing game, no matter who is under center, protection will be key. Scherff can surely help with that.


When looking at where Washington is and what they need, Scherff is an important piece of the puzzle. Playmakers are needed but big plays can't happen if there is no one up front to protect. The team is not going to find a better guard than Scherff, so why let him walk?

Maybe there is concern about the age, but there's reason to believe that Scherff can still put together several strong campaigns in the future. Durability is a concern, but the positive is Scherff appeared in 13 games in 2020. That's an uptick from 11 in 2019 and eight in 2018. Interior guards, when healthy, have a chance to perform well even when they reach the later stages of a career. 

If one needed any more convincing, he's also a player that wants to be in Washington. A homegrown product out of the first round in 2015, he's been a loyal and dedicated member of the organization throughout the bumpy years. Now, he sees the positive trajectory Ron Rivera has the group moving in and wants to be a part of it. The hope for him is that the Wild Card game against the Buccaneers won't be his last in the Burgundy and Gold.

Washington needs to make sure that is the case.

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How much could it cost?

Scherff being a very good football player means keeping him won't come cheap, but that's okay. 

As it stands now, Philadelphia Eagles guard Brandon Brooks is the highest-paid at the position. He was awarded a four-year, $56 million extension through 2024 with $30 million guaranteed. That came in his age-29 season.

Based on those figures, one could assume that Scherff is in line to fall near that type of contract, if not potentially best it. Sure, it's pricey, but it's also very much worth it.

Washington will rank toward the top teams in terms of open cap space this offseason, which makes forking up money a little easier. Additionally, the best investments to make are the surest ones. Scherff is just that.

Other help?

Some may wonder if signing Scherff takes away Washington's ability to upgrade other parts of the offensive line. The fact of the matter is that if Washington brings backs the guard, it goes a long way in solidifying the unit and eliminating the need for more outside help. 

Though Washington has work to do with Scherff, the rest of the offensive line that was a pleasant surprise in 2020 should be back for 2021. That included staples like Mogan Moses and Chase Roullier, along with Saahdiq Charles who will be evaluated when finally healthy. 


Scherff isn't the only free agent move Washington could make in free agency, he's just the most important. When it comes to the O-Line, signing him takes care of the unit.

Therefore, it could allow Washington to turn its attention to other areas, like adding to the rest of the offense. 

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