Giants’ coaching woes vs. Bucs on MNF summed up in one play

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge

The Giants just can’t stop getting in their own way.

New York took on the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night in a game that was never theirs from the start. The Buccaneers scored a touchdown on the very first drive and never relinquished their lead, cruising to a 30-10 victory that pushed the Giants’ record to 3-7.

After the game, Giants head coach Joe Judge told reporters that he and his coaching staff were to be held responsible for the loss.

“You can put that down tonight. Got that?” Judge said, as quoted by ESPN. “You guys can write that tonight. Players have to execute. That is their job, right? It is our job to teach them…But we've got to make sure we put them in position to have success. That has to be consistent, by the way. So, you can go ahead and write that down. I'm not going to debate that.”

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky couldn’t agree more.

On a third down during the Giants’ second drive of the game, New York attempted a pass play that resulted in three receivers crowding into one another over the middle of the field. Quarterback Daniel Jones was under immediate pressure from Tampa Bay’s pass rush, so he was forced to throw the ball away with no one finding any open space downfield. Even the receiver spread out wide left would've been tough to hit with the safety shifting over to help.


Jones has endured his fair share of struggles both this season — seven interceptions and seven fumbles in 10 games — and in primetime in general (0-8 career as a starter). However, it’s plays like the one Orlovsky identified that show the Giants’ issues stretch far beyond the quarterback position.