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The Washington-Giants rivalry has been weirdly one-sided lately

Football Team

The New York Giants haven't been a good operation in quite some time. They currently sit — actually, let's say they sit with really bad posture, because claiming they merely sit doesn't feel severe enough — at 1-7, and their average record in the three previous seasons was 4-12.

So, yeah, they've been one of the NFL's doormats for a few years now. But when it comes to their recent matchups with Washington, the Giants turn into the feet and the Burgundy and Gold become the doormats.

That's a trend that Ron Rivera's club must stop this Sunday at FedEx Field. 

Washington's lost four in a row in this particular rivalry — the last time they beat Big Blue was in late October of the 2018 campaign — and five of the last six. Taking it back even further than that reveals they're 4-11 in their last 15 meetings with the G-Men.

Just in case that didn't paint a clear enough picture, think about this: Daniel Jones is 3-0 against Washington as a starter and 1-17 against everyone else. 

For those of you who need to step away for a few moments after digesting the previous two paragraphs, that's understandable. Let's all circle back here in five minutes.

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OK, we all here again? Excellent. 

As most fans know by now, the Football Team's upcoming stretch of games versus the Giants, the Lions, the Bengals and the Cowboys should pretty much determine whether their playoff hopes are legit or laughable. What happens in Week 9 will set the tone one way or another.


To New York's credit, they're still fighting quite hard for first-year coach Joe Judge. They certainly put a scare into the Bucs this past Monday, and if anyone should be wary of them, it's Washington, which is the only franchise to fall to them in 2020.

That outcome can't repeat itself, however. Washington's coming off a bye while the Giants will have one less day of preparation, both Scott Turner and Jack Del Rio's units feel like they're beginning to click and Daniel Jones can't quit turning the ball over. 

Because of all those reasons, as well as the postseason hopes the Football Team are holding on to, it's time for them to end their losing streak to New York. The door is open to a playoff spot in January. Before entering that door, though, they must first wipe their feet on the doormat.