This Giants play might be the most pathetic call of the season


Joe Judge spent the week trying to convince people that the Giants aren't a "clown show" organization. Something happened in the second quarter of New York's Week 18 game against Washington that suggests otherwise.

After being pinned deep by a Tress Way punt and then being whistled for a false start penalty on second down, the Giants ran two-straight quarterback sneaks, including this absolute surrender of a plunge on third-and-9:

It is impossible to overstate how embarrassing of a call that is.

Seriously, that call is embarrassing.


New York entered their Sunday finale versus Washington at 4-12 and the meeting was as inconsequential as it gets for a professional football affair.

Despite that, Judge was too scared to drop back on third down from his own four-yard line, so he had his offense get into what looked like a victory formation but ended up being mega-loser formation in order to gain some meaningless inches.

Well done, Joe.