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Gov. Hogan: Maryland's sports betting hopes 'in the red zone'

Football Team

It looks like sports betting is getting very close to coming to Maryland. 

Ever since the first casino opened in the state, sports fans have been wondering when that next critical step towards bringing legal sports betting to the state would happen. According to Governor Larry Hogan, you may soon be getting your wish. 

"I think this year we should be able to get that done," Hogan said on NBC Sports Washington's Washington Football Talk Podcast. "Right now as states are really lacking revenue it's another potential source of revenue, and it's much more likely I think to happen."

If Ballot Question 2 is approved in the Nov. 3 election, Maryland would join neighbors West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and D.C. in allowing you to wager on games. 

Now, this is still a very blank canvas once it's passed so keep that in mind. It would still have to be determined where you can have sportsbooks, who can operate a betting app, what percentage of revenue goes to education in the state, and, of course, taxes. 

"I don't know exactly what's it's going to look like after it comes out of the legislative process," Hogan specified.

That being said, he seemed very confident this major milestone would be surpassed. 

Asked if it were a football field, how close would he say we are, Hogan answered:  "I would say we've definitely crossed over the 50-yard line, I don't know if we're at the five yard line yet, but I'd definitely say we're in the red zone."


That's closer than we've ever been, and we'll definitely take it.