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Heineken has 'no plans' to partner with Heinicke at this time

Football Team

Aside from his quest to earn more playing time for the Washington Football Team after signing his recent contract extension, Taylor Heinicke has another mission he's hoping to accomplish: Get some sort of deal done with Heineken.

When the little-known quarterback was named starter before the Burgundy and Gold's playoff matchup with the Bucs, many fans flocked to nearby stores in order to secure the beer with the similar sounding name to his:

This photoshop of the QB's face on top of the brand's logo also caught fire on social media and still pops up in many threads about him:

How great is this?

And since that breakout game, Heinicke himself has brought up his desire to partner with Heineken on multiple occasions. 

When asked how'd he celebrate his new deal with Washington, his answer included getting "a couple beers or so, a couple Heinekens." He then told the Washington Football Talk podcast that he's been waiting for the company to come calling.

So, NBC Sports Washington reached out to the drink producers to find out if they were aware at all of how the passer and his new allegiance of supporters are pushing for a move to happen. They responded with this statement:

While there are no plans in the works, we’re glad to see that so many fans think of us in association with one of their favorite athletes. We congratulate him on his recent form and wish the team a successful season.



Well, maybe if the guy can succeed in his primary goal of becoming Washington's starter, perhaps his secondary goal of linking up with Heineken will start brewing, too.