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Here's what Rivera wants to see from Haskins in the coming weeks

Football Team

Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team have three quarterbacks, and all three are at very different points in their careers.

Kyle Allen, who started Sunday's game against the Rams before leaving with a shoulder injury, is trying to ensure he's healthy enough to reclaim the top job. As an undrafted player and backup in the past, he knows how rare an opportunity to run an offense is.

As for Alex Smith, he's coming off what was simultaneously one of the most fantastic performances anyone's ever seen as well as one of the more lackluster personal efforts from his time in the league. The 36-year-old no doubt cherished simply taking meaningful snaps again and will one day be able to truly appreciate what he did against Los Angeles, but right now, he's probably as concerned with finding a way to be more productive whenever his next chance comes.

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Then there's Dwayne Haskins, who was in Allen's spot as the starter just a handful of days ago but is now third in line under center and the subject of trade rumors, too. Even for the NFL, that's a precipitous drop.

So, on Monday, Ron Rivera was asked to lay out his vision for Haskins moving forward. The coach was pretty straightforward in his response. 

"I see him doing what he did on Friday," Rivera said, referring to Washington's last day of practice before the Rams loss.


"I know Wednesday and Thursday were difficult days for him. I get that. But Friday, he came in, was attentive in the meetings, did a nice job coming out to practice, did his mimicking in terms of standing back, watching, going through some of the actions, watching the plays."

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For a guy who was just recently in charge of the entire offensive operation, those are some very basic duties. That's the reality Haskins faces now, though, and there's really nothing he can do about it.

That question, meanwhile, was the closest anyone got to having Rivera address the trade talk surrounding the former first-rounder, and even if anyone pressed harder, he wouldn't have revealed anything more. 

Rivera wasn't going to get too specific or harsh on the QB in case they don't move him, and if they're serious about doing so, then they have to at least act like they have some interest in keeping him in order to net some sort of return.

That's why Rivera answered as nonchalantly as possible, despite this situation being as far from nonchalant as one can be.

"That's what I expect for him, to continue to learn and grow," he said. "As we continue to get into this and we get further down the road, who knows what's going to happen?"