Yet another expert thinks Jamin Davis is 'perfect' for Washington


With yet another NFL expert taking his seat on the Jamin Davis bandwagon, things have officially reached standing-room-only status. It's a crowded space, people.

During a segment on the NFL Total Access show, Marc Ross, who was a part of the Giants' last two Super Bowl victories during his 10-year stint as an executive from 2007 to 2017, picked Davis as his breakout defender for the 2021 season.

He then went on to explain his logic behind the choice, which is analysis that all Burgundy and Gold fans will enjoy consuming. 

"What they were missing," Ross began, referring to Washington's defense, "is a playmaking linebacker, and in my view, they got the most explosive, productive linebacker in the draft."

(It's worth noting here that Davis was picked behind both Micah Parsons and Zaven Collins, who occupy the same spot on the roster as he does. Clearly, Ross believes Ron Rivera got himself a hell of a bargain with pick No. 19.)

"In the scouting world, you always want to have the best talent when you have a first-round pick or any pick for that matter," Ross continued. "But it's also about the fit, and I thought that Jamin Davis, with his talent and the fit with the Washington defense, was perfect."

The unit's front, led by Chase Young, as well as its back, which features Kendall Fuller, William Jackson III and Kam Curl, are seemingly stacked.


The middle, however, was still lacking going into the draft; Cole Holcomb is a solid player and Jon Bostic is fairly reliable, but that section of the defense was more often a weakness as opposed to a strength in 2020.

Enter Davis.

"He can just go and chase the field and run and clean up plays," Ross said. "He's really just filling a role for what they're missing, and that was speed at the linebacker position, explosiveness at the linebacker position and that's what he does best."

Davis isn't a totally finished product, of course. He only started 11 times at Kentucky, so there could be a Sunday learning curve in his future.

But as Ross outlined, Davis has rare physical gifts that could make his transition a rapid one, and he's also being dropped into a spectacular environment filled with respected teammates and reputable coaches.

And that's why the analyst felt comfortable enough to make these two proclamations.

"I look to see Jamin Davis to... break through to be the Rookie of the Year on defense and the Washington defense to have a breakthrough to be the best defense in the NFL."

Does anyone else think it's feeling a bit warm in here all of a sudden?