As Dwayne Haskins threw his second interception against the Seahawks on Sunday, a collapse could have followed.

With a subpar showing through the first two-plus quarters of action in his first start since Week 4, it was a delating moment just one player after he had found Terry McLaurin for 30 yards. Yet, following that mistakes, Haskins put together a solid final 25 minutes of action.

It seemed like a flip had switched for the young quarterback, as he led the team to back-to-back touchdown drives and looked more comfortable in the process. What created the change? 

“I got mad," Haskins said.

The quarterback then was asked to elaborate on what exactly happened after he got mad. He said his feelings of frustration stemmed from what he knew he could do as a quarterback. He was better than what was being shown on the field, and from that point forward, he wanted to show everyone that version of himself and leave the other in the past.

“I just know what I’m capable of and stuff happens in a game, and really it’s just not letting the mistakes carry on to the next series, next play," Haskins said. “So after that play I put it on myself to do as much as I could to help this team come back, and we fell short. Man, I thought we had them at the end.”

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Being mad nearly helped Haskins and Washington pull off the come-from-behind upset, as the play from the quarterback allowed Washington to finally move the ball on offense.

Though the team was unable to finish the job, that was a different Haskins toward the end. Now the passer is planning on taking that determination and attitude he carried into a strong final push on Sunday into the next week. That way, he has no reason to be mad.

"Things to learn from, things to work on and improve from. Things on the film I’ll get better from," Haskins said. "Looking forward to next week.”