How diets of WFT players compare to Brady's eating habits

Tom Brady

Tom Brady's known for having a very strict and unique diet, and for three weeks during the 2017 season, Taylor Heinicke got to witness what the seven-time Super Bowl champ chomped on at the Patriots' facility. 

During that stint with New England, Washington's current quarterback — who's set to face Brady and the Buccaneers this Sunday — was most struck by how consistent Brady's consumption was.

"I remember seeing him have a meal made for him every three hours," Heinicke said on Wednesday. "He was always munching on something, drinking something. I don’t know what was in there, but yeah, he’s got a pretty wacky diet."

After chatting with a handful of members of the Burgundy and Gold's roster following their mid-week practice and prep for Tampa, it's clear that Brady is in a private dining room of his own when it comes to eating habits.

However, Washington's players do have their own culinary quirks that were fun to hear about, even if they don't quite reach Brady's level.

"I pretty much eat Chipotle every night," Sam Cosmi said. "That’s my go-to."

The rookie lineman is so devoted to that particular establishment that he's memorized the exact price of his order.

"With double meat, it’s about $12.57," he said.

Cosmi has another favorite item, which he brought with him to a presser earlier in the season: protein ice cream. Like his nightly Chipotle, he turns to it quite often.

"Anytime they have it out there, I'm grabbing — don’t say anything to the nutritionist — two or three," Cosmi admitted Wednesday.


To no one's surprise, the very thoughtful Terry McLaurin gave very thoughtful responses to this very unserious topic.

First, the wideout harped on his basic principles.

"Before the games, I eat a lot of carbs just for energy purposes and I try to drink a lot of water because I run a lot and I try not to cramp on Sundays," McLaurin said.

He then went on to explain that spaghetti and meat sauce is his top target for those carbs, while broccoli chips in with all-important protein.

But even the ultra-dedicated McLaurin possesses a soft spot for something sweet, and that's an Oreo milkshake. Give him credit, though, because he actually found a way to justify the delightful dessert.

"That’s a routine," McLaurin said sheepishly. "I’m a big routine guy. Every day, I’m the first one in that line like, ‘I need that milkshake.’ Just having that routine, even down to your food, you’ve got to have that routine that keeps you locked in."

Hold on, gotta write that line of thinking down: Milkshakes are vital for staying in rhythm. Terry McLaurin said so.

Cool. Let's proceed.

James Smith Williams, an edge rusher who's poised for more action with Montez Sweat sidelined, has had to adjust his diet since joining the league. The biggest casualties? Cookout and Bojangles. 

When a reporter reminded Smith Williams that a new Bojangles was just constructed near Washington's headquarters in Virginia, meaning maybe he could again enjoy his longtime love here or there, the defender didn't bite.

"It’s not the same, it’s not the same," he said. "No offense, but it’s not the same as the ones in North Carolina."

And when it was Heinicke's chance to chime in on the conversation and if he has any Brady-like oddities, the passer's answer came quicker than a spike in the fourth quarter.

"Nothing like his," Heinicke said.

It was yet another reminder that, whether Brady's holding a football or a fork, he's very difficult to match.