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How fatigue from losing factored into Ron Rivera's QB decision

Football Team

The NFC East's shoddy lineup of teams, Dwayne Haskins' lack of growth and Kyle Allen's familiarity with the system were three principle reasons why Washington made a quarterback change on Wednesday.

So, clearly, what's happening in the present matters to Ron Rivera. But the franchise's past also impacted his major decision.

In an interview on SiriusXM, the coach discussed how Washington's struggles over much of the past decade influenced his benching of Haskins as well.

"One thing that I've heard, I heard the players early on just before the season, that they're tired of losing," Rivera told Sirius XM. "For 10 years, this team's been kicked around. Enough's enough."

This angle — Rivera picking up on his locker room's discouragement — first popped up publicly after Washington's Week 3 loss to Cleveland. On the Monday following that result, Rivera told the media that a lot of players "deserved better." That was a not-so-subtle remark about how Haskins' four-turnover performance cost the rest of the group a victory.

Then the Burgundy and Gold fell against Baltimore. In that matchup, Haskins wasn't the detriment to the cause that he was versus the Browns, but he made a few basic, mental mistakes that couldn't have instilled a lot of confidence in his fellow teammates.

Therefore, in order to best serve the majority of his depth chart, Rivera is making an adjustment to the most crucial spot on it.

"Now we're at a precipice where there's four games, looking at this, and if you can win those games, win three of those four, you're right in the thick of it," he said. "You have a chance to play for something other than the rest of the season. So that's what I'm trying to do." 


Developing a young passer in the NFL is incredibly tricky, because as that guy is working through his growth process, there are tons of veterans, pending free agents and lower draft picks around him who don't have nearly as much time to find their footing or slowly come along. And when that intersects with a franchise that's been beaten up season after season, it becomes even more difficult to pull off.

With Haskins, Washington was 1-3. It's far from a guarantee that Allen can do better than that. Rivera feels like he owes it to his roster to at least try, though.

Yes, the losing very well could continue, but he's not just going to sit by anymore and act passively as it does.