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How stalking Haskins gave Rivera confidence in the QB's dedication

Football Team

Dwayne Haskins had himself a busy offseason — and so did Dwayne Haskins' social media.

The second-year Washington Football Team quarterback was grinding constantly throughout the country during the buildup to training camp in an effort to put himself in position to be the franchise's next starter. He posted the videos to prove it, too.

On Wednesday, that dedication culminated in Ron Rivera giving Haskins that title. And on Friday, Rivera explained how the QB's use of the Internet actually made a difference in the coach's call to do so.

"With my daughter working in social media and understanding Twitter, every time Dwayne posted something during the spring and the early summer, she was sending it to me," Rivera told reporters on Zoom. "I had a chance to stalk him."

You may think Rivera's kidding with the last part of his answer. It certainly doesn't seem like he was.

"So when he was putting stuff out, I was paying attention to it," he said. "Some of his tweets were about leadership, some of his tweets were about working out, some of his tweets were about working with his guys and doing the things you're supposed to do as a leader. I thought that was good information for me to have."

But how did Rivera ascertain that the footage and pictures of Haskins were conducive to real results, instead of just meant to create the illusion of them? After all, the apps No. 7 was so active on are known for not matching reality.


Well, for Rivera, it actually wasn't that difficult to conclude that Haskins legitimately cared and was putting in tangible effort. 

"To me, you can't fake some of the things that he was doing," Rivera said. "You can't fake the transition that he's made physically with his body. You can't fake watching him throw the ball to the right side of the receiver where he needed to drop it in. Those were the kind of things, where unless he's really good at editing, he did a real good job. I just felt real comfortable about it.

"Through the social media and through the new platforms we have, we were able to communicate and I was able to watch him. It was really cool."

Well, the next time someone claims that you're using social media too much, just bring up this story and point to Rivera's quotes.

Twitter and Instagram helped Haskins land a gig as an NFL starter, so perhaps they can do the same for you. Or maybe they'll just add more stress to your life, like they do for basically everyone else. Yeah, probably that second one.