Should the Washington Football Team ground the Eagles on Sunday night and advance to the playoffs, that accomplishment would be many things.

First off, it'd be validating for Ron Rivera, his mostly fresh coaching staff and his roster that's full of young pros and free agent pickups. If the new regime and on-field pieces can lead the organization to the postseason for the first time since 2015, that'd be a solid sign that the latest rebuild is trending the right way.

It'd also be surprising, of course. Washington was 3-13 in 2019 — a truly dreadful 3-13 — and this year, they've started three QBs (and could be turning to a fourth in Philly). An abysmal record from the previous campaign and signal caller switching in the current one usually doesn't add up to much success.

And lastly, it would be historic. Really, really historic. As in, they'll pull something off that no one has dating back to 1966, according to

In the Super Bowl area, 258 teams went 2-7 in the first nine games of their schedule. None of the 258 went on to recover and qualify for the playoffs. Washington has a chance to become the first franchise to do just that.

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Interestingly enough, they aren't the only ones with that opportunity. In fact, whoever ends up winning the division — the Giants and Cowboys also could, but only if the Burgundy and Gold don't top the Eagles — will clinch that title after beginning 2-7. 


And you said all along the NFC East was a joke!

Resilience is a quality that Rivera has tirelessly worked to instill in the Football Team, and they've displayed it often to this point. Rivera himself embodied the trait during his battle with cancer, and Alex Smith, the preferred option under center, shrugged off one of the worst injuries and most arduous rehabs in sports history to emerge as a key figure for the club.

Achieving a feat that hasn't been achieved before would definitely count as another example of Washington's growing resilience. Hopefully, there won't be another 2-7 mark in the near future, but not letting 2020 go to waste after experiencing that adversity would be something worth celebrating.