7 targets if WFT wants to be aggressive at trade deadline


Yes, the headline on this story is crazy. Crazy is exactly what 2020, The Washington Football Team and the NFC East have been. Nothing makes sense and anything can happen. So, why stop now? Let's get crazy. 

By the time the NFL Trade Deadline hits on November 3, the Washington Football Team will either be 2-5 or 1-6. That record is typically the formula to either sell or do nothing at the deadline.

Yet in the NFC East, either record says "we're still in this." Because, as everyone knows by now, the NFC East is still really bad.

So while Washington has not shown that it can perform like a playoff team, or something even close to that at times, Ron Rivera is focused on this season and potentially winning the division. In order to do that, Washington is going to need help. The roster could use a lot of help, but not all of that can be accomplished in the next two weeks.

If the team is going to be aggressive and all-in for 2020, putting winning now above all else, why not do the same at the trade deadline? Here's a look at some players that would fit the narrative.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB - Miami Dolphins)

I said we were going to get crazy and there's no point in not jumping right into the downright wild. Fitzpatrick had Miami sitting at 3-3 and playing some of its best football in recent memory before he was benched for Tua Tagovailoa seemingly out of nowhere.

Now, he's heartbroken and sitting on the bench just waiting to join his ninth team. Fitzpatrick isn't an elite quarterback, but he has had no problem adjusting to new offenses and he loves pushing the ball downfield, something Washington's squad doesn't have much of. He's also a veteran presence and someone that every teammate seems to love and respect. 


If the team is really going to contend, it's going to need better quarterback play than what Kyle Allen has shown so far. Fitzpatrick is by no means the future, but he's a free agent after the season and has shown that he can put together great stretches of play in a season. Washington is looking to catch lightning in a bottle in 2020. That's literally the dictionary definition of FitzMagic (Don't fact check me there). 

David Njoku (TE - Cleveland Browns) 

The fourth-year tight end has made it known that he would like to be dealt before the deadline, and it makes sense for Washington to go pursue him

Njoku's numbers were solid over his first two years before injuries and a smaller role in the offense hampered his play. Still, his athleticism and upside topple anything on Washington's depth chart. Logan Thomas' touchdown against the Giants was great, but he's not a No. 1 tight end.

If Njoku is given an opportunity to be "the guy" at the position, there's a chance he takes the next step to an elite option. Even his floor is better than what Washington is working with. Due to his current situation and desire to leave, Washington may be able to get him without giving up too much in return. That makes it an even more appealing option to consider.

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Will Fuller V (WR - Houston Texans)

It's too bad for Washington that Bill O'Brien is no longer around because they may have been able to acquire Fuller for basically nothing, but he's still a pass catcher to look at. 

Injuries are a concern, but Fuller is exactly what the offense needs. First off, he's a wide receiver with experience. Besides Terry McLaurin, there is not much of that. Second, his bread and butter is stretching the defense and creating big plays, another thing absent in Washington.

With the Texans sitting at 1-5, it would be wise of them to trade at a position that features some depth in order to regain some capital that O'Brien sent away.

A.J. Green (WR - Cincinnati Bengals)

Reports surfaced earlier in the season that Green had grown frustrated with his situation in Cincinnati. Those have softened, but it could make sense for the Bengals to move on at the trade deadline given his age and the fact that he will become a free agent in 2021.

Once again, the idea of taking Green seems a little out there but it revolves around the theory that Washington is going all-in for 2020. If that is the case, that's an athletic, veteran wide receiver that would do wonders for the offense and give the team a much-needed red zone threat.


Julio Jones (WR - Atlanta Falcons)

The Ryan Fitzpatrick-type trade for the wide receiver position, Jones is a name that would surely bring excitement and skill to Washington. The Falcons are 1-5, and in every other division in football, that's enough to start looking toward next year. 

Atlanta has another No. 1 waiting in the wings in Calvin Ridley, so dealing Jones could set them up nicely for the future. The biggest factor here is Jones has three more years left on his contract and he would most likely command a hefty return. Like we said though, we are getting crazy.

Jabrill Peppers (S - New York Giants)

On to the defense, where Washington also needs help. The play at safety has been rather suspect even with Landon Collins back there, leading to big plays and a weak final line of defense.

Peppers hasn't quite lived up to the hype his time at Michigan brought him, but his speed can help with coverage and tackling. He could also work in as a punt and kick returner should Steven Sims be hampered by more injuries.

Avery Williamson (LB - New York Jets)

The Jets are a dumpster fire so they might as well become a firesale. What's funny is this could be a trade between two teams that right now are in the running for the No. 1 overall pick. Well, maybe that's less funny and more sad.

Anyways, Washington is in need of a solid piece at the linebacking position and Williamson is a steady tackler that can man the middle of the defense. He's been used less and less in New York's defense as of late, meaning the Jets should be open to sending him to a new team.