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If you want a LATE review of Breaking Bad, Pierre-Louis is your guy

Football Team

On Tuesday, Jack Del Rio complimented linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis for being a defender who can do things really quickly.

"He’s really got explosive speed," Del Rio said. "[He] can really run and he’s been a good fit in the defense with the things we’re asking him to do."

On the field, that may be true. But when it comes to watching highly-popular and universally-acclaimed television shows, Pierre-Louis is slow. Super, unbelievably slow.

Breaking Bad's final season wrapped up on air on Sep. 29, 2013. The entire series has been on Netflix for more than five years.

Yet Pierre-Louis apparently just finished it within the last few days. Let's hope he isn't as late in coverage as he is with his binging.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old had a chance to explain himself. What the hell took him so long?

"I've always been a person that, if everyone's going left, I want to go right," Pierre-Louis told the media on Zoom. "It's worked out for me a lot of times, it's also hurt me some times. I'd say, watching Breaking Bad, it definitely hurt me."

There's nothing wrong with trying to be different. Pierre-Louis deserves credit for that approach to life. However, when "everyone's going left," and then everyone then relays how compelling and how addicting and how perfect going left was, maybe that should've convinced him to go left as well.

Regardless, Pierre-Louis is in the clear now. Next up is consuming Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which he hasn't gotten to as of now but should get to before 2027.


As for his thoughts on how the show's finale went, he was a fan.

"The ending, I think they did it right," he said in a review that, though not timely, was well done. "It was a way to just cap it off, send off Walt — I'm not sure you could call it the right way, but it was great writing. It didn't hurt his character too much. Even though he did some questionable things at the end, they kind of ended it so there's nothing going forward when it comes to Walt."

With Pierre-Louis now on the correct side of history, approximately 19 people on the planet have yet to watch Breaking Bad. If you're one of those 19, please fix that.