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'I'm proud of him': Thomas feels that Haskins is growing

Football Team

Because Alex Smith has Washington heading in such a positive direction, the conversations about Dwayne Haskins have gone from full volume to nearly a complete mute. 

But while the discussions about his present, his future and his possible return to the lineup have all but disappeared, it sounds like his commitment and focus are turning up.

During an interview with the Sports Junkies on Wednesday, Logan Thomas was asked to explain what he's seen out of Haskins since he was benched. Thomas, for one, is encouraged by how the former first-rounder is handling himself.

"I think he's been doing a great job these last however many weeks," he told the Junkies. "You definitely see a change in how he's holding himself, how he's engaged, how he wants to be a part of it, how he's excited to come into work everyday and learn something new."

Those are the exact kind of things Haskins needs to buy in to, according to what Ron Rivera brought up in the aftermath of the QB's benching and in other press conferences since.

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Every pro passer has ability — well, as long as they aren't a practice squad receiver who's informed he'll be shoved under center the night before a game because the other four options can't go — and Haskins has tons of it. It was the other parts of the gig, however, such as studying, asking questions and showing up early that he was lacking in.


Fortunately, based on Thomas' comments, it seems like now that the immediate shock of his demotion has worn off, Haskins is doing what he can to make himself into a complete player.

"I'm proud of him," Thomas said. "When the whole thing happened where he ended up getting benched, I told him, 'Help this fuel you, make you better. And down the road, when you get that chance again, go ball and don't ever look back.' I have expectations that when he does get that chance, that's exactly what he'll do."

Apparently, Haskins has taken the first part of Thomas' advice. As for the second part, the opportunity to prove himself once more hasn't come yet, but one figures that it will. When it does, it'll be on Haskins to capitalize on it.