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Chase Young drops Carson Wentz for his first career NFL sack

Football Team

Chase Young's first career NFL sack came in Chase Young's first career NFL quarter.

In Washington's Week 1 matchup against the Eagles, Young dropped Carson Wentz on a third-and-5 right when the defense needed a big stop.

Here's the highlight. Watch No. 99 at the top of the screen as he spins off of a chip block from the running back then bursts past Jason Peters to meet up with Wentz:

Perhaps even more impressive was how Young then had the awareness to punch the ball out of Wentz's hand once he knew he had the QB in his grasp. That's high quality pass rushing right there.

Young's debut didn't get off to a perfect start; on an earlier third down, he jumped into the neutral zone, which gave Philly a free first down.

The clutch takedown of Wentz made up for that gaffe, however, and should be the first of many, many, many, many, many more sacks for Washington's second overall pick.