It's time to love again - It's okay for Washington fans to root for RG3


In the last 25 years, no single season delivered more excitement for the Washington Football Team than 2012, and by and large, Robert Griffin III provided the electricity. 

That season marked the only time in the last decade Washington won 10 games, and even though it was a long shot, with RG3 that year, the Burgundy and Gold seemed like a possible Super Bowl contender. 

Everyone knows what happened after that marvelous rookie year. The injuries. The infighting. The benching. 

It got messy, but that's what usually happens after lightning romances. 

Griffin meant more to this city in 2012 than maybe any football player has since. Terry McLaurin might change that, Chase Young might change that, but nobody else did. 

And considering all that RG3 meant, it's time to love again. 

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Forget the poems and All in for Week 1 and all of the nonsense - real or perceived - and just remember how awesome it was when Griffin accounted for more than 4,000 yards and 27 touchdowns his rookie year. 

Remember RG3's first game - when Washington went down to New Orleans and shocked the Saints - and fans chanted his name?

Start remembering all that and it's easy to root for Griffin on Wednesday when he starts for the Ravens in a weird Covid-impacted game. RG3 hasn't started a meaningful game since 2016 in Cleveland. He was out of the NFL for the 2017 season before signing in Baltimore in 2018 to back up Lamar Jackson. 


It's not the same, it will never be the same. Too much has happened and changed. 

But when a person ages and matures, it's fun to look back at previous romances and moments that mattered, even if they ended badly. After a certain amount of time, the pain and hurt go away, and the fun sticks around. 

So for Washington fans that want to root for RG3 in 2020, even in a Ravens uniform, it makes sense. Just remember what 2012 was like.