Washington needs to find Dwayne Haskins a new home


Leadership means making tough decisions and decisive action. 

It’s time for leadership with Dwayne Haskins. 

Driven largely by owner Dan Snyder, Washington drafted Haskins 15th overall in 2019, and about 18 months later, his status with the team is a full-blown mess. 

He began this season as the starter, and that lasted all of four games. Haskins played one awful game against Cleveland, but outside of that four turnover slog, he wasn’t awful. He wasn’t good, but looked like a young quarterback learning a new system and coaching staff. 

Still, he got benched. 

Washington head coach Ron Rivera didn’t draft Haskins and seemed lukewarm about the QB from his first day on the job way back in January. And it’s obvious the staff believes more in Kyle Allen than in Haskins. 

There’s plenty of sourced reporting that suggests Haskins wasn’t working hard enough to keep the starting gig. There’s also a confirmed COVID protocol violation that cost Haskins nearly $5,000 in fines. 

Looking at the second half of the season, particularly with Allen moving the Washington offense at an undeniably better pace than with Haskins, the former first-rounder needs a new home. 

What’s the point of keeping him around, especially now that there are rumblings he wants out? 

ESPN reported that Haskins’ camp wouldn’t mind a fresh start. 

Once that starts, it’s all over. 

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The kid isn’t playing and there’s not really a path to him playing. It’s a distraction, and it won’t go away. 

Former Washington boss Bruce Allen allowed bad situations to fester. To rot and to mold. 

Rivera has done the opposite. 

He traded Trent Williams and Quinton Dunbar after both players voiced their desire to get out of town. 

Seven games into his tenure as Washington head coach, it’s clear Rivera wants his guys that buy into his system. 

By dropping Haskins from starter to third string, Rivera sent a clear message. 

Think about it this way - Rivera prefers playing 36-year old Alex Smith on a surgically repaired leg than playing a 23-year old first-round pick that’s two seasons removed from a 50 touchdown season at Ohio State. 

Now while it seems so easy and obvious that Haskins needs to be traded, there’s one rather large caveat - Washington must find a trade partner. 

Does that exist?

Maybe. But there needs to be a staff out there that believes in Haskins talent and his attitude. And that could be a tough sell. 

Washington’s staff from last season is spread out all over the league, and there probably aren’t many Haskins fans in that group. Don’t expect Jay Gruden or Kevin O‘Connell to advocate for a Haskins trade. 

And coaches talk. 

Rivera didn’t seem enthused about Haskins when he arrived in Washington, and while that tone changed, the coach didn’t even name him the starter until late August. 

In short, it seems fairly obvious that Haskins isn’t the long-term answer in Washington. Or the short-term answer. 

A trade makes sense, assuming there’s a trade to be made. There might not be though. That’s the reality.