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Jabrill Peppers apologized to Kyle Allen following injury

Football Team

In an attempt to keep Washington quarterback Kyle Allen contained as he broke away from the pocket New York Giants safety Jabrill Peppers appeared to stick his leg out to stop the passer. The move resulted in Allen suffering a dislocated ankle and leaving the contest.

After the game, Peppers told reporters he apologized to Allen.

"I definitely didn't mean for that to happen," Peppers said, via The Washington Post's Sam Fortier. "I didn't intentionally try to leg-whip him, or whatever the penalty was. I was just trying to play hard and get him on the ground."

Washington head coach Ron Rivera viewed the play in the same light. Knowing that Peppers is a player who always gives 100% on each snap, he chalked it up to an unfortunate result of a football play.

“That’s what I say, he got cut and as he was going down he saw Kyle trying to boot outside," Rivera said. “Again, that’s just a guy trying to make a play. I don’t think it’s a dirty play, it’s a guy just trying to make a play.

"I get it, I’ve been there in that situation," Rivera said. "Peppers is a heck of a football player, he plays 100 miles an hour.”

Peppers was flagged 15 yards on the play as the hit was ruled to fit the description of roughing the passer.