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Del Rio emphasizes turnovers ahead of facing Daniel Jones

Football Team

Each week, NFL teams have to tailor their game plans specifically to their upcoming opponents. For the Washington Football Team in Week 9, that means a heavy emphasis on forcing turnovers.

Washington is facing the Giants, and quarterback Daniel Jones is perhaps the most turnover-prone player in the NFL. The second-year quarterback out of Duke has turned the ball over in all but one of his games in his career so far, and he is coming off a Monday night game with two more picks.

Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio told reporters that Jones' playing style influenced how the defense practiced this week, with a special emphasis on turnovers Thursday.

​“Obviously, we always are stressing turnovers," Del Rio said. "Today is ‘Turnover Thursday,’ so a big point of emphasis piece on Thursday."

With 21 career interceptions and 23 fumbles in just 20 starts, it's no surprise that Jones' reputation lies mostly in his mistakes. But Del Rio and the Washington defense know that with a roller coaster, the downs come with plenty of ups.

"Look, what we recognize is he’s got the ability to make all the throws," Del Rio said. "He’s got the ability to run the football as well, which we saw in the first game. To me, we’ve got to look at playing him at his best. We’re preparing accordingly. We recognize the talent level and the skill level. They’ve got a lot of weapons we’ve got to worry about besides the quarterback, but certainly he’s got a lot of tools.”


There are a number of ways Jones can beat a defense, but there are also plenty of ways for the defense to flip the field against him. The turnover battle will likely play a key role in the outcome of Sunday's game, and Washington is hoping its extra emphasis can be the difference.