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Jason Campbell expects Jon Bostic punishment following hit on Dalton

Football Team

While Washington finally got a stress-free win in their 25-3 dismantling of the struggling Cowboys, there was no shortage of postgame reactions to Jon Bostic delivered a knockout blow to a sliding Andy Dalton and was thrown out of the game.

It drew immediate criticism from the broadcast and social media. After the game, Dalton said he is having some trouble even remembering what happened

Even Washington coach Ron Rivera expressed his disappointment in Bostic's decision-making after the game.

"He's a veteran guy that knows, and it's unfortunate because we had a three-and-out right there and they would've had to punt and we'd have gotten the ball back sooner," Rivera said. "Fortunately, it didn't hurt us."

When NBC Sports Washington's Postgame Live crew discussed the hit, Trevor Matich said as a former player, Bostic's hit made him cringe. 

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"I don't know what the intention for that, but the effect was devastating potentially," Matich said. "I hope Andy Dalton is okay because that's the kind of hit that can change the trajectory of a life if it's too severe."


So what's next for Bostic?

"He's probably going to face suspension. It definitely was a bad hit," retired quarterback Jason Campbell said on the show. "You have to anticipate the quarterback slide. You can't go in there like that towards the head area. That's something they're trying to get out of the game today. He's definitely going to get a fine and probably a couple game suspension."


Brian Mitchell agreed that Bostic is due for multiple games out.

"I think they're trying to take this out of the game. I mean, you don't have to look at the film to know what happened," Mitchell said. "When a quarterback slides feet first, he's giving up his body. You're not supposed to hit him at all, and then you take a hit directly to the head. I think the league is going to give him some games and make him an example."