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Jason Campbell is sure Haskins feels frustrated after loss

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For Dwayne Haskins, the loss to the Seattle Seahawks in his first start since Week 4 will surely bring numerous emotions and thoughts into his mind.

Former Washington quarterback Jason Campbell, who was once in Haskins shoes, knows that there is one feeling that tops all of them as the defeat is still fresh.

"Frustration," Campbell said on Washington Postgame Live.

“From a standpoint of, ‘Aye man what  I got to do to get a win’ as a starting quarterback," Campbell said. "You’re going through things like this. You have a rough first half, you make some throws that you probably wish you had back.”

It was a disappointing start to the game for Haskins. Two poor interceptions and a lack of consistency in the first two-plus quarters of play left Washington in a hole offensively. There were multiple moments in Haskins' performance, as Campbel noted, that the quarterback would like to go back and redo.

That will create some anger for the second-year passer, but Campbell also believes there are still positives to build off of from his showing. Even after the struggles, Haskins rebounded and finished up the game with some success, giving Washington an opportunity to win.

Leading back-to-back scoring drives, Haskins didn't quit on himself or the team despite the way events were unfolding.

“But then he shows you how he’s matured over the last few games by watching," Campbell said. "He didn’t get his head down, he came back and continued to fight, had a really good second half and had a really good end of the third quarter and the whole fourth quarter." 


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In the end, it was a tale of two halves for Haskins. Though Campbell believes the quarterback can take what he did toward the end of the game and work with it, he also understands that a loss is a loss.

So, for now, Haskins' will be feeling frustrated.

“He showed you, that’s maturity and that’s what you want to see from a young quarterback," Campbell said. "But it’s still frustrating when you got a chance for that great comeback victory on your resume and it falls a little bit short."