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Wright, Washington won't rush new name process: 'We can't ** this up!'

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What will the next name of the franchise be? That's the one question Washington Football Team President Jason Wright gets way more than any other these days.

Wright revealed that in his latest Weekly Brief blog post on the team's website. He also answered the common inquiry in the column, and was very candid in doing so.

"Here's the (honest) answer," he wrote. "'Bruh/sis, cut me some slack, we need some time to do this right! We can't ** this up!'"

You have to respect the dude's desire to be straightforward.

Though the organization chose to land on its temporary label before Wright was hired, he applauded the move. In outlining Washington's five-step process for landing on a new one, however, it sure seems like he's leaning toward eventually settling on something else, as opposed to keeping what the Burgundy and Gold is currently known as.

Those five steps, per Wright, are "Transformation," "Discovery," "Insight," "Creation," and "Execution." He explained that the "Discovery" phase is happening now and should continue throughout 2020. Essentially, he's going to be listening to anyone and everyone during this portion of the plan before advancing onward.

There's apparently no shortage of people to listen to, either. So far, Washington has received nearly 9,000 submissions from fans, and Wright wants that number to grow.

"This is the time for you to give us your thoughts, ideas, and point of view on what this brand should stand for and represent as we go forward," he wrote. "If you have not done so already, we welcome your ideas."


Head to to be a part of the task. Also, give a head nod to Wright for knowing that he can't "** this up."